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MedReviews considers the accessibility of the website to people with disabilities to be of utmost importance and therefore works to promote the accessibility of MedReviews website and make it suitable for the entire population worldwide, in accordance with the recommendations of the standard (TI 5568) for accessibility of content on the Internet at level AA and the international WCAG2.0 document.
Major adjustments
Website design - The website was designed with awareness and adaptation for surfers and customers with vision problems

Site structure - The site structure is based on easy and clear navigation.

Colors - the site was designed with contrasting colors that allow optimal use for the visually impaired and color blind.
Control using a keyboard - surfers who have trouble using a mouse can surf the site using a keyboard. Repeatedly pressing the Tab key will move between the various links on the page. Pressing Enter will activate the highlighted link

Site content
  • Hierarchical and correct structure for the headings and sub-headings on the site
  • The links on the site are clear and contain an explanation of where they link to.
  • Graphic objects have a textual alternative (alt)
  • Maintaining a minimum font size
  • Contents and links on all website pages are written in simple and clear language that is convenient for orientation and use.
  • We have made efforts to ensure that all online forms on our website are accessible. Form fields are properly marked, and error messages are provided in a clear and understandable manner.
  • Our website is designed to be responsive and adapt to different screen sizes, ensuring that users with different devices, including mobile phones and tablets, can access information smoothly.
  • We have avoided using any content that may cause seizures or discomfort to users with photosensitive epilepsy.
  • Accessibility Statement

Ways of applying for requests and improvement proposals regarding accessibility

It should be noted that despite our efforts to make all the pages on the site accessible, it is possible that parts of the site will be discovered that have not yet been accessed.
We continue our efforts to improve the site's accessibility as part of our commitment to allow its use for the entire population
including people with disabilities.

If you encounter inaccessible elements on the site, please contact the site administrator via email

Date of writing the accessibility statement: 20.11.2023