Dr. Svetlana Zalesskaya

Dr. Svetlana Zalesskaya

OB-GYN (Obstetrics-Gynecology) in Hurth


About Dr. Svetlana Zalesskaya


OB-GYN (Obstetrics-Gynecology) in Hurth

Professional Experience

  • self-employed in a private practice for gynecology and obstetrics, Hürth

  • gynecologist at the MVZ Mittelmosel, attending physician with a complete range of gynecological operations, focus: breast surgery and keyhole surgery

  • senior physician at the Marienklinik Trier

  • specialist at the Rostock University Women's Clinic, focus: Mammadia gnosticism and -surgery, DEGUM I

  • Gynecologist in the city hospital, most recently as senior physician


  • Specialist training, Rostock University Women's Clinic

  • Studied human medicine in Kalinin, graduated with honors


  • German

  • English

  • Russian


  • Contraceptive advice

  • Fertility advice

  • Prenatal care and aftercare

  • Cancer prevention

  • Diagnosis and therapy of gynecological diseases

  • Menopause

  • Diagnosis and therapy of breast diseases

  • Oncological follow-up care

  • Drug tumor therapy

  • Basic psychosomatic care


Gennerstraße 55, 50354, Hurth


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