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Languages: English

Mediclinic Dubai Mall - Downtown Dubai, Dubai

Languages: English

235 Wallace Ave, Toronto

Languages: English

Via Apulia 30, Rome

Languages: English

C. de La MasĂł, 38, Fuencarral-El Pardo, Madrid

10 Harley Street, London

1 Brookdale Plaza, Brooklyn, New York

Marshala Vasilevskogo Ulitsa, 13 k3, Moscow

Löwenstrasse 65, Zurich

12 Rue Cortambert, Paris

Languages: English

suite 602/53 Walker St, Sydney

C. de la Marquesa de Vilallonga, 12, Barcelona

Languages: English

SchloĂźstraĂźe 19, Berlin

Languages: English

7301 Medical Center Dr, West Hills, Los Angeles

PalackĂ˝ 5, Prague

Via Mauro Macchi, 63, Milan

Sensengasse 3, Vienna

Languages: English

Tuxpan 54-3rd floor, Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City

Languages: English

3 Mount Elizabeth, #11-14/15, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore

Languages: English

Jungmannova 737, 110 00 Nové Město, Prague

Budapest PannĂłnia utca 8th floor. 4, Budapest

Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear 2323 2C, Buenos Aires

General information on medical treatment

Neurology is the medical field that deals with the nervous system in the body, including the brain and its various parts, the spinal cord, and the nerves found in all organs of the body. The field can be divided into two: adult neurology versus pediatric neurology: An adult neurologist diagnoses and treats medical conditions related to the nervous system, including conditions of brain injury or disease, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases (such as multiple sclerosis and ALS), neuromuscular diseases (such as myasthenia gravis), movement disorders (such as Parkinson's disease), memory disorders (Alzheimer's, dementia), and more. Pediatric neurologists, on the other hand, typically specialize in conditions typical for younger ages, such as developmental disorders, disorders in brain maturation, epilepsy, and other neurological conditions typical for children and adolescents. Looking for Neurologists in Bruhl? In the MedReviews index, you can find a wide variety of Neurologists in Bruhl with dozens and hundreds of reviews from real patients. Through MedReviews, you can contact Neurologists, schedule appointments, and obtain information about their professional experience. If you're interested in finding recommended Neurologists according to specific preferences, you can narrow down your search by regions in the country, language of the service provider, gender of the Neurologists, health plans you're affiliated with, hospitals where Neurologists work, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you visit a neurologist?

You should consider visiting a neurologist in Bruhl for various reasons, including: Neurological symptoms: If you experience persistent neurological symptoms such as headaches, seizures, dizziness, weakness, numbness, tingling, memory loss, or changes in vision or speech, it's important to seek evaluation and treatment from a neurologist. Chronic conditions management: Neurologists specialize in diagnosing and treating chronic neurological conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, migraine, neuropathy, and stroke. If you have been diagnosed with any of these conditions or experience symptoms suggestive of a neurological disorder, a neurologist can provide specialized care and management. Neuromuscular disorders: Neurologists also diagnose and treat neuromuscular disorders affecting the nerves and muscles, such as muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and peripheral neuropathy. If you have symptoms suggestive of a neuromuscular disorder, a neurologist can conduct specialized tests and provide appropriate treatment. Head injuries or concussions: If you have experienced a head injury or concussion and develop symptoms such as persistent headaches, dizziness, memory problems, or changes in mood or behavior, it's important to seek evaluation from a neurologist to assess for any neurological complications and provide appropriate management. Sleep disorders: Neurologists also evaluate and treat sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and narcolepsy, which can have neurological implications. If you have symptoms suggestive of a sleep disorder or experience excessive daytime sleepiness, a neurologist can conduct sleep studies and provide treatment options. Ultimately, the decision to visit a neurologist in Bruhl depends on your symptoms, medical history, and neurological health needs. Seeking timely evaluation and treatment from a neurologist can help address neurological issues and improve quality of life.

How can I find Neurologists in Bruhl who speak my language?

To find Neurologists in Bruhl who speak a specific language, you need to select the desired language in the "Additional Filters" table - Language and click the "Search" button.

How can I find Neurologists who provide online services (virtual consultations)?

To find Neurologists who provide online services (virtual consultations), you need to select the "Virtual Consultation" checkbox in the "Additional Filters" table and click the "Search" button.

How can I find Neurologists in Bruhl of a specific gender?

To find Neurologists in Bruhl of a specific gender, you need to select the preferred gender in the "Additional Filters" table - "Gender" and click the "Search" button.

What should I do if my search for Neurologists in Bruhl did not yield satisfactory results (due to a shortage of Neurologists in Bruhl or due to a mismatch of Neurologists with my needs)?

If no suitable results were found in your search, it is recommended to expand the area or city specified in the main search bar to a nearby larger city, or completely remove the filtering restriction based on "Location in the country".

In what ways can I contact or schedule an appointment/meeting with Neurologists in Bruhl?

You can contact Neurologists in Bruhl area through several methods: by submitting a specific inquiry through the "Contact Us" form on the doctors page, through WhatsApp using "Send WhatsApp Message", or by making a phone call to the number provided on the doctors page.

How can I find reviews given about Neurologists in Bruhl for a specific service?

To find the reviews given about Neurologists in Bruhl for a specific type of service, you need to visit the page of Neurologists and select the desired service type from the dropdown list "Show by Service Type" in the reviews section.

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