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Languages: English, Hebrew

9970 N Central Park Blvd, Boca Raton

Languages: English

8631 W 3rd St # 1115E, Los Angeles

Languages: English

RathausstraĂźe 21/14, Vienna

Languages: English

726 Bloor St W #106, Toronto

Languages: English

Level 3, Suite 303A/100 Carillon Ave, Newtown NSW 2042, Sydney

Languages: English

Bundesallee 213-214, Berlin

Petőfi tér 3-5-II.em.4 bell: 27, Budapest

Languages: English

Van Speijkstraat 151H, Amsterdam

Languages: English

The Wellington Hospital, Platinum Medical Centre, 15-17 Lodge Road, London

Languages: English

C/ d'Entença, 102, Barcelona

Languages: English

82 Boulevard de Courcelles, Paris

Languages: English

461 Park Ave S, New York

Budečská 1168/40, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady, Prague

Frontera 74-Consultorio 520-1, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City

Languages: English

GrossmĂĽnsterplatz 9, Zurich

Languages: English

C. del PrĂ­ncipe de Vergara, 53, Salamanca, Madrid

Languages: English

IN NORTH ROME, Via Bevagna, 41, Rome

Languages: English

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai - Sheikh Zayed Rd - Al Barsha - Al Barsha 1, Dubai

Gongti North Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Languages: English

101 Irrawaddy Rd, #19-14 Royal Healthcare Medical Centre, Singapore

General information on medical treatment

Urology is the medical field that deals with the urinary system. A urologist treats conditions related to the urinary system itself (such as the bladder, urethra, etc.) as well as other relevant organs, such as the kidneys or prostate gland. Additionally, urologists address medical issues related to the reproductive system and male organs: penis, testes, vas deferens, and so forth. Treatment by a specialized urologist can sometimes be medicinal and sometimes surgical, as needed. Among the medical conditions that urologists treat are urinary tract infections, kidney stones, urinary incontinence, enlargement of the prostate gland, bladder or prostate cancer, and more. Additionally, a pediatric urologist may also treat medical conditions typical to children, such as congenital abnormalities in the urinary system, undescended testes, and the like. Looking for Urologists in Plovdiv? In the MedReviews index, you can find a wide variety of Urologists in Plovdiv with dozens and hundreds of reviews from real patients. Through MedReviews, you can contact Urologists, schedule appointments, and obtain information about their professional experience. If you're interested in finding recommended Urologists according to specific preferences, you can narrow down your search by regions in the country, language of the service provider, gender of the Urologists, health plans you're affiliated with, hospitals where Urologists work, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you visit an urologist?

You should consider visiting a urologist in Plovdiv for various reasons, including: Urinary symptoms: If you experience persistent urinary symptoms such as frequent urination, pain or burning during urination, blood in the urine, difficulty urinating, or urinary leakage, it's important to seek evaluation and treatment from a urologist. Kidney or bladder stones: If you have a history of kidney or bladder stones or develop symptoms such as severe pain in the back or lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting, or blood in the urine, a urologist can help diagnose and treat these conditions. Prostate issues: Men with prostate-related problems such as difficulty urinating, weak urine flow, frequent urination (especially at night), or blood in the semen should consult a urologist for evaluation and management. Sexual health concerns: Urologists also address sexual health concerns such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or infertility. If you experience any sexual health issues, a urologist can provide evaluation, counseling, and appropriate treatment options. Male reproductive health: Urologists specialize in male reproductive health and can diagnose and treat conditions affecting the testicles, penis, vas deferens, and other reproductive organs. If you have concerns about fertility, testicular pain, or other reproductive health issues, a urologist can provide comprehensive evaluation and management. Ultimately, the decision to visit a urologist in Plovdiv depends on your symptoms, medical history, and urological health needs. Seeking timely evaluation and treatment from a urologist can help address urological issues and improve quality of life.

How can I find Urologists in Plovdiv who speak my language?

To find Urologists in Plovdiv who speak a specific language, you need to select the desired language in the "Additional Filters" table - Language and click the "Search" button.

How can I find Urologists who provide online services (virtual consultations)?

To find Urologists who provide online services (virtual consultations), you need to select the "Virtual Consultation" checkbox in the "Additional Filters" table and click the "Search" button.

How can I find Urologists in Plovdiv of a specific gender?

To find Urologists in Plovdiv of a specific gender, you need to select the preferred gender in the "Additional Filters" table - "Gender" and click the "Search" button.

What should I do if my search for Urologists in Plovdiv did not yield satisfactory results (due to a shortage of Urologists in Plovdiv or due to a mismatch of Urologists with my needs)?

If no suitable results were found in your search, it is recommended to expand the area or city specified in the main search bar to a nearby larger city, or completely remove the filtering restriction based on "Location in the country".

In what ways can I contact or schedule an appointment/meeting with Urologists in Plovdiv?

You can contact Urologists in Plovdiv area through several methods: by submitting a specific inquiry through the "Contact Us" form on the doctors page, through WhatsApp using "Send WhatsApp Message", or by making a phone call to the number provided on the doctors page.

How can I find reviews given about Urologists in Plovdiv for a specific service?

To find the reviews given about Urologists in Plovdiv for a specific type of service, you need to visit the page of Urologists and select the desired service type from the dropdown list "Show by Service Type" in the reviews section.

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